Stop Fracking With Us

by Blog

Carbon Coop joined trade unionists, renewable energy practitioners and divestment campaigners for a day of protest action outside the gates of Cuadrilla’s flagship fracking site at Preston New Road, Lancashire on July 14, 2017.

Against the wishes of local communities, the government’s push for a ’new dash for gas’ has progressed and new fracking sites are opening up. This not only means risky projects go through but that investment and support for renewable energy are reduced.

People gathered not just from local communities but also from places like Manchester and Liverpool, in order to express their solidarity and stand with those affected by the future fracking. Scroll through our photos to experience the day-long protest, which was a success in keeping the gates of the fracking site shut. The day not only showed that there is resistance against fracking but also that this resistance is not futile and the power of the people can make a difference.

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