People Powered Retrofit in demand!

by Blog

We thought people would like to know we have been experiencing a very high level of demand for People Powered Retrofit services. We are taking enquiries as usual, but there is a waiting list for some parts of the service and we’re currently diverting resources towards expanding capacity.

One of these areas is assessments, a Home Retrofit Planner assessment is the first step for many of our service users, a holistic review of the home to inform a plan for retrofit measures. We have a waiting list for home visits for these stretching to February 2021! 

At present we’re placing new clients in a queue for assessments, we will be able to indicate when a visit could take place based on the size of the queue and provide regular updates, but we won’t be able to commit to any visits within specific timeframes, sorry! We’re busy training up new Retrofit Assessors and we should have increased capacity really soon.