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Carbon Co-op’s new Community Forum has gone live! This is a new space for people to get involved in helping people and communities to make the radical reductions on home carbon emissions that we need to avoid runaway climate change. 

The Community is a place where members can share retrofit projects, home energy tips and energy saving ideas as well as much more. 

We are an organisation led by our members. We have learnt so much from the Carbon Co-op membership, and we want to help you all learn from each other. 

Many people working with Carbon Co-op are experts in their fields, pioneers in reducing emissions and leading the way in developing new solutions. We hear from many of you every day, but now we want to be able to share these stories with other people.

That is why we have launched the Carbon Co-op Community.

Check it out now:

Why does Carbon Co-op need a community? 

Many of you are already in close contact with Carbon Co-op by email, phone, through our webinars and website. 

So what is our community about? 

Communities are about more than one directional communication. They are places where everyone can help each other. 

How do I join the community?

Anyone can view topics and replies just by visiting Why not check it out and explore the categories and topics? 

To start a new discussion or join someone else’s you will need an account. Initially the forum is only open for posting from Carbon Co-op members, but anyone can read the threads and we hope to open the forum up to everyone in the near future.

What can I find on the forum?

We have discussions on a wide range of topics about retrofit and home energy use. If you can’t find what you are looking for why not start a new topic? 

To get started there are few useful categories to help find what you are looking for. When you create a new topic, make sure to put it in the correct category to reach the right people.

Time to say ‘Hello!’

So now you know what our community is all about, why not introduce yourself, share something you found interesting or ask a question about reducing your emissions?