Taking the Heat Pump Challenge – the results!

The ‘Heat Pump Challenge 2021’ was a citizen science and participative research and discovery project led by Carbon Co-op. We collected feedback and data from around 30 member households currently relying on gas heating to help understand how a heat pump installation would impact their home. The premise of the challenge was to enable households … Read more

2020 end-of-year round up

This year has been very different to what most of us had expected, but despite the unprecedented circumstances Carbon Co-op and our membership have come together to achieve many great things! We have put together this round-up of just a few of Carbon Co-op’s highlights from 2020 and the plans we have to make 2021 … Read more

Join Our New Community Forum

Carbon Co-op’s new Community Forum has gone live! This is a new space for people to get involved in helping people and communities to make the radical reductions on home carbon emissions that we need to avoid runaway climate change.  The Community is a place where members can share retrofit projects, home energy tips and … Read more