Virtual Green Homes: Meet the householders

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Green Open Homes is returning to Manchester, this time in the form of a virtual event. ‘Case studies’ of retrofitted homes from in and around Greater Manchester are provided on this page for you to explore. We are then holding two online sessions: Beginner’s Guide to Retrofit (Monday 3rd October 2022), for those new to domestic retrofit and energy efficiency, and Q&A with Homeowners (Thursday 6th October 2022), providing a chance to ask questions and advice from the homeowners of these retrofitted houses. 

Tickets are available through Eventbrite:

Beginner’s Guide to Retrofit

Online Q&A with homeowners 


Eric’s Victorian mid-terrace was retrofitted between 2008-2010, not only significantly improving the comfort and energy performance of the house, but also developing Eric’s interest in the area of retrofit. Eric’s home is also featured on Superhomes and a testimonial of the project on ColdProof, Eric’s business that helps people do the joined-up planning for their own retrofit.

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Andy & Sue

Andy and Sue have been creating a sustainable, comfortable and beautiful home for over 40 years. They have thought carefully about how to use the natural resources on their land to create energy and keep warm! They have taken care of the natural environment, managed water, solar and land resources while maintaining a low carbon footprint and increasing biodiversity.

Andy is a fountain of knowledge and always happy to discuss energy efficiency and sustainability. More recently he has learnt lots about managing water resources due to the summer drought. See his video, 38 Years in to a 40 Year Project here.

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The Zetland Passive House is Europe’s first Passivhaus EnerPHit Plus home. These luxurious 5-bedroom townhouses are a showcase of sustainable building from the exterior finish to the interior decor. The Zetland Passive House is featured on Ecospheric, Passivhaus Trust and the Passive House Database.

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A 1920 former council house, Phoebe’s retrofit had to maintain a fit with the other houses on the estate. Phoebe managed to upgrade the property in one renovation, after 40 years of living in the property. She attended a number of Carbon Co-op training sessions, visits and meetings and so was aware of the work required. Phoebe’s home is featured on smk build‘s site, and her local MP spoke about Phoebe and her house during a debate on home energy.

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This is a small, terraced property i.e. you don’t have to have a big place to make improvements!

Ruth Shepherd’s Mid terrace 1880s was cold and draughty before she decided she wanted to make home improvements. She’d lived in the house 10 years before making major changes in 2013. During the 5 years before, She had had double glazing and composite front and back doors installed. The cavity wall in the 1970s bathroom extension had also been done then. It was looking over the Eco house at Miles Platting and then visiting SuperHome owner Eric Fewster (see Hersey St, Salford) that made her determined get her house revamped. The work was carried out by Eric at ColdProof and Bob Hope of Expert Home Extensions. Her house is featured on Superhomes and ColdProof testimonials.

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Dom & Kerstin

This home was a part of the Carbon Co-op Go Early project. Since undertaking a whole house retrofit in 2014/5 they have recorded a 47% reduction in gas (heating) use; 30% of electricity supplied direct from solar PV, overall 65% reduction in CO2 between 2014 to 2016 and 76% reduction since 2001.

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Sarah & Lloyd

Sarah & Lloyd bought a 1965 detached dormer bungalow in need of an upgrade but did not realise how much of an upgrade was required to make it comfortably habitable. After several false starts and amidst a lot of research, they took control; decided what they wanted and joined the Manchester Carbon Co-op. Sarah and Lloyd moved in during the latter construction phase. 

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Monica & Alan

After lots of hard work Alan and Monica have completed a full eco-refurbishment of their house which has included a number of measures to reduce energy consumption, make the house more thermally efficient and reduce their carbon footprint. They employed experienced contractors, but not ones that are specialists in those particular areas. After a lot of consideration Alan and Monica decided not to go for EWI or MVHR and this was based on positive decisions around their home use patterns and desires, rather than due to finance.

Slides from a presentation Alan gave to Carbon Co-op’s membership are available here. He goes through how they planned their retrofit, found contractors and managed issues along the way.

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