Carbon Co-op technical partners demonstrate 80% retrofit is possible and at the right price

by Blog

A new report by the Technology Strategy Board, launched at this year's EcoBuild conference, demonstrates household retrofit to reduce carbon emissions by over 80% is acheivable and at affordable prices with Carbon Co-op technical partners URBED leading the way in the sector.

The report, Retrofit Revealed, is an evaluation of the Retrofit for the Future programme which saw different organisations and companies work on 40 houses around the UK to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions through a range of retrofitted improvements from external wall insulation to new windows and doors to biomass heating and solar panels.


Of these houses, only three managed to acheive 80% carbon reductions – the level needed to ensure our houses meet climate change targets – and of these two were designed by Carbon Co-op's technical partners URBED. Importantly these improvements were delivered at some of the lowest costs in the programme.

The learning and technical expertise from these households is now being utilised in Carbon Co-op's Community Green Deal programme to retrofit 14 homes around Greater Manchester – in one instance we aim to reduce emissions by a full 100%.

The full Technology Strategy Board report and additional background information can be read at the Retrofit Analysis website here: