Carbon Co-op – Committee Member Nominees 2016

by Blog

Jane Massam

I am Jane Massam. I am a Horticulturist. I teach a range of students aged between 16 and 50, with and without special educational needs and emotional and
behavioural issues at Tameside College in Ashton–under-Lyne. I work closely with Tameside council to deliver my Horticultural courses.

I am a member of the Carbon Coop because I think Climate Change is the biggest issue we face and I want to do what I can to do something about it, rather than hiding my head in the sand. I have enjoyed being a member of the board of Carbon Coop in the past as I feel the group has achieved positive and concrete steps to make a difference. I admire and respect the other members of the committee and think we work well together.

As a member I feel I bring another point of view to the group. I’m enthusiastic and am trying to carry out energy saving measures to my own house just like many of our other members. I have attended the majority of the Carbon Coop meetings and events.

Jonathan Atkinson (Company Secretary)

I studied Environmental Science at the University of Manchester and since graduating have worked for a series of co-operatives in the research, environmental and creative sectors. In 2008 I began to collaborate with URBED on the project that became Carbon Co-op, testing the idea that reductions in household energy usage could be brought about quicker and with greater social benefit through collaboration and co-operation.

I enjoy catalysing new partnerships and collaborations, seeking funding and involvement. Since commencing on the Carbon Co-op work I have contributed to and project managed innovative new projects that seen the co-op grow and develop in scope and scale and would like to continue to build on that work. I am employed by the Society on a four days a week basis.

In addition to Carbon Co-op I am chair of a community growing project in Tameside, I do occasional freelance work assisting the set up of new development trusts and run a People's Kitchen in Glossop. I enjoy cycling, making music and playing football.

Julian Tomlin

A board member since October 2013 I have been an active member of the Stockport group of householders.

I have a strong and long-standing interest in the built environment and sustainability, and have been developing my skills and expertise in this area over the last few years. I feel that I would be able to contribute to the Carbon Coop Board on a number of levels and have skills in partnership working, user consultation, project management, report writing, the application of new technologies, finance and fundraising, and people management.

I have been working on the refurbishment of my home in Stockport, have hosted a community workshop, as well as participating in the Eco Show Homes project in May 2014, and feel well placed to represent the interests and views of householders.

Matthew Fawcett

I've been a founding member/director of a number of cooperatives and social enterprises in Manchester including the Kindling Trust, Carbon Coop, Greater Manchester TreeStation and the housing coop where I live. My early role at Carbon Coop was in community engagement – developing the various community workshop programmes and producing written materials such as the Carbon Coop Manual and the little red book. More recently I've been involved in the monitoring and home assessment side as well as contributing to the EU Nobel Grid project. Since January 2015 I've been employed by Carbon Coop 2 days a week to work on the 'My Home Energy Planner' project, my other 3 days I work as a campaigner against the renewal of the Trident Nuclear weapons system.

Michael Hemingway

I work in the climate change field for a local authority; I have a professional background in social housing and a particular interest in housing strategy, affordable warmth and adapting to climate change. I have been on the Carbon Co-op’s board for three years now and would value the opportunity to carry on in the role. I support the Carbon Co-op model, working with like-minded people at grass roots level to bring about change and I am keen to help facilitate this. With the help of the Co-op we have been retrofitting our family home as one of the Community Green Deal Pioneers and will be pleased to share this experience with members of the co-op.

Rob Jones

My interest in green issues goes back to university, where I studied Anthropology and Development Studies and I have maintained interest and involvement in both the practical and political sides of the cause alongside my career. My household has come to the end of the retrofit project, with the work complete and it now a demonstrably warmer house. We have already taken part in an Eco-Home Open Day and shown local councillors round and are committed to promoting the changes now built into our house to influence the behaviours of neighbours and decision makers. My
working life has provided deep experience of both governance and finance, as I advise large public sector organisations on both and am a chartered accountant. Away from work I am a charity trustee and a long-standing school governor. I have also volunteered for the Green Party and had some involvement in the development of their policies for Manchester

Ann Kolodziejski

I work as a Biology lecturer in the higher education sector.  My background is in ecology and environmental management.  My most recent areas of research encompass participatory planning, social learning and environmental psychology.  I’ve been interested in environmental matters for many years and that has led me to become involved in groups with social and environmental aims.  One of the most significant influences on my way of thinking has been permaculture design.  I am the treasurer for Bolton Wholefoods Co-operative and am one of the founder members of the Friends of Seven Acres Local Nature Reserve, as well as a volunteer Breeze Champion (a British Cycling initiative to get more women riding bikes).  My interest in retrofit stems from concerns about climate change and my involvement with Transition Town Bolton.  Energy saving measures have been done in my house but there are still significant works that need to be completed in order to achieve a comfortable and energy efficient home. 

Sian Richards (Membership Secretary)

I joined Carbon Co-op early in 2014 as I am keen to make my home more comfortable, cheaper to run, at the same time as reducing my carbon footprint. Mother of two daughters, both currently students in Bristol; I’m a software engineer by day; acappella choir singer at night, and occasional weekend walker.

I’ve been an avid proponent of the 3 Rs for many years, and conscious of my carbon contribution even if I have some way to go before giving up my car.

I am monitoring internal temperatures and humidity in my home using an Open Energy Monitor, and comparing with external temperatures . I am using my Ovo (not so) smart meter to log gas and electricity use. I am also providing feedback on “My Home Energy Planner“.

Recently I attended a Co-operative Director's training session, and am committed to increasing the involvement of members in Carbon Co-op activities.