Carbon Co-op at the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Green Summit

by Blog

Jonathan Atkinson, Project Manager at Carbon Co-op was asked to present at GM Mayor, Andy Burnham’s Green Summit in March 2018 and used the opportunity to highlight the need for a just transition.

Carbon Co-op have been involved in the summit as part of the planning group and have also hosted and contributed to a series of ‘listening events’ in the lead up to the event including ones on domestic retrofit, energy system innovation, community energy and energy democracy.

Carbon Co-op project manager Jonathan Atkinson speaking at the Mayor's Green Summit

Jonathan used his speech as an opportunity to highlight the opportunities for domestic retrofit in Greater Manchester, including Carbon Co-op’s track record on delivering ambitious, whole house retrofit projects. He also used the opportunity to highlight the need for a ‘just transition‘ one that benefits rich and poor alike and offers the opportunity for skilled workers to re-train in new low carbon industries – and to secure well paid, new jobs on good terms.

Carbon Co-op also ran a stall at the event and staff and members were active in listening sessions throughout the way.

A group of attendees on an energy walk through Manchester city centre

The event was followed by “It Was Ours Anyway” a guided walk through Manchester’s past, present and future municipal energy system and the launch of our Energy Futures prospectus.

A prospectus outlining future municipal energy projects