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EcoHome Lab: Heat Pumps & Radiator controls latest research

09/11/2023, 6:00 pm7:30 pm


This session will be a deep dive into radiator controls for heat pump installs.

* **[Damon Hart-Davis](https://www.earth.org.uk/about-us.html#Damon)** – will go through his latest research revealing that whileTRVs in heat pump systems can **reduce heat demand** they may also **increase energy usage**. Damon was founder of the [OpenTRV project ](https://github.com/opentrv)and has recently published his [TRVmodel](https://github.com/DamonHD/TRVmodel) constructed to match the [Heat Geek example setup](https://www.heatgeek.com/why-not-to-zone-heat-pumps-or-boilers/).
* **[Dom McCann](https://carbon.coop/author/dominic-mccann/)** – will be reporting on his experimentation with use and control of Radfans to increase the efficiency of his heat pump via his [COFYbox](https://www.cofybox.io/en/). Dom has been monitoring and evaluating his energy usage in detail for over 20 years, he co-authored a [paper on the retrofit performance gap](https://cc-site-media.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2019/02/URBED-CIBSE-Resilient-Domestic-Retrofit-Producing-Real-World-Performance.pdf), using Carbon Co-op’s ‘Community Green Deal’ programme as an example.

**What is EcoHome Lab?**
Now in our regular monthly slot – every second Thursday of the month. EHL is a hangout for people taking control of their home energy usage and generation. We use open-source hardware and software to gain a better understanding of energy in our homes, how to make the best use of the energy we generate and reduce energy wasted.

Catch up on [some of our previous sessions and presentations](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiz1gBPXWVAJ4hzg3zj72hVrXVJgWvzOG).

Unless there’s a specific title to the session, it means we have no scheduled speaker and it will be an open session. We welcome contributions, get in touch.

This is a [Carbon Co-op](http://carbon.coop/) initiative, which arose out of our collaboration with [OpenEnergyMonitor](https://openenergymonitor.org) as a space for developers and makers to interact with their wider community.

**Topics we generally cover include:**

• Home energy monitoring.

• House energy performance assessment

• Sensors – electricity, gas, temperature, humidity, air quality…

• User interfaces, dashboards

• Smart houses and automation

• Aggregation of data sources

• Taking the power back! – Making better use of the surplus power we generate

**Who is it for?**

• Anyone with skills in physical electronics, web development or programming who wants to use that knowledge to reduce energy and carbon!


6:00 pm – 7:30 pm


Online event