Are Hybrid Cars Energy Efficient?

The car The car is a Volkswagen Golf GTE 2017 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Battery/Range 8.7 kWh (pure EV range ~30miiles) Battery weight 120kg Petrol engine 1.4L turbo Official fuel economy 166 mpg (this compares with real world driving figure ~75-90mpg)* Official emissions 38 gCO2/km *The real-world figures (see below) are nowhere near as good … Read more

Community Smart Grid – a prosumer perspective

Carbon Co-op will pilot a community smart grid in Manchester with between 100 and 200 householders, assisting them to work together to save energy, reduce bills and reduce carbon emissions through various measures centred around demand shifting.

Here, prosumer (a householder who both consumes energy and produces energy via generation eg from solar PVs) and Carbon Co-op member Dominic McCann looks at what this might look like from an individual householder point of view and explores the main parameters that will be necessary to measures the performance of the project.