Land registry sell off and EPC

by Blog

“The government’s snuck out plans to sell off the Land Registry – the profitable public service that records the sale of houses and land. [1] It’s a short sighted move to make a quick buck. [2] So 38 Degrees member James, a legal services property expert, is campaigning to stop the sell-off.”

– The 38 degrees team

Why is this of interest to Carbon co-op members?

The Land registry has close links with EPC home energy ratings – . Currently these links are not fully exploited to provide information about our housing stock – which could be used to analyse fuel poverty in the UK etc. If privatised, there will be no incentive for providing the data for this type of data analysis to continue.

Key points:

  • The Land Registry has been a big success story for the UK. It is admired and copied by countries around the world.
  • It is a highly efficient service that is taken for granted because it delivers a service with few mishaps.
  • There is a long history of problems with private contractors running government services (e.g. ATOS).

Thus this is an important campaign for all concerned with the homes we live in.


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