Andy Burnham #OurManifesto Climate Change Workshop

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On Monday 13th February 2017, Cooler Projects organised an #OurManifesto Climate Change Workshop with Labour's Greater Manchester Mayoral candidate Andy Burnham. Below is our written response to the #OurManifesto call out.

Our highest priority manifesto pledge for climate change would be…

A pledge to tackle our ageing housing stock and ever rising energy bills by investing in a Greater Manchester household improvement programme, generating quality local jobs, warm, healthy homes and delivering on our carbon emission commitments.

As outlined in the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Housing Scheme (2013) this equates to a 55% reduction in domestic emissions by 2022.

To implement this pledge, we need to….

  • Create a Greater Manchester-wide, low interest, revolving fund for householders to finance energy efficiency retrofit works.
  • Review and formally adopt the Greater Manchester Retrofit Strategy 2013 including an ambitious domestic energy performance target.
  • Engage with the Greater Manchester construction sector to increase its capacity to deliver large scale retrofit works, investing in training and supply chain.
  • Found a co-operatively controlled, municipal Energy Company to create a vertically integrated energy system for the benefit of Greater Manchester.

This action is needed because…

Domestic energy efficiency works, and in particular, whole house, deep refurbishment, have the potential to deliver multiple benefits for the Greater Manchester City Region and its 1.2m existing properties (80% of which will still be here in 2050). A small scale, GMCA-funded pilot, delivered by Carbon Co-op in 2015, demonstrated home energy bill savings of around £1,000/year on deep retrofit works of around £40,000. A lack of central government energy efficiency policy has created an opportunity for local government to innovate and show leadership in this area.

The Case for Retrofit in Greater Manchester:

  • The only way to guarantee low energy bills – for good!
  • Generates skilled, quality jobs for local SMEs, micro enterprises and sole-traders
  • Creates a quantifiable, local return on investment for the city region.
  • Health benefits – poor housing is linked to excess Winter Deaths, respiratory diseases, low educational attainment and other chronic health conditions such as depression.
  • Meeting carbon reduction targets – the housing sector accounts for 29% of final energy consumption in the UK, 80% reductions can be achieved via deep retrofit packages.

More information: Retrofit Factfile (2016):