Meet Carlos – New to the Carbon Co-op Team

carlos working.jpg

Meet Carlos, a passionate new member to the Carbon Co-op team!

“I believe in the power of communities in terms of social justice and fairness. As it says in my job description I am here because a smart grid owned and run by a co-operative of householders will demonstrate significant advantages over one that involves individual standard users. And I want to add if we (the users that come together) lead the process, the result will be for the benefit of us all and not just for the profit of some. For these reasons I am proud of being part Carbon Co-op.”



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Loft storage options after insulation are often tricky, as you can’t squash the insulation (eg with boxes or boards) as that reduces its effectiveness. One solution is to build a raised platform yourself. Another faster and lighter solution, is to use the LoftZone StoreFloor product, which can be fitted DIY or by professional installers.