EcoHomeLab November 2016 – More monitoring, emonCMS dashboards and MyHomeEnergyPlanner

It felt a bit quieter this time but still interesting with some hands on work and presentations about emonCMS dashboards, how energuy monitoring changed my :p and MyHomeEnergyPlanner, the tool for house assessments we are developing in CarbonCoop. The electronics of the day Duncan and Shahzad had finished building their monitors in previous sessions. But … Read more

EcoHomeLab October 2016 – “More EnergyMonitor building and Modelling a MicroGrid”

Another busy busy busy EcoHomeLab. Many things happened this time: not only we had to carry on working on the HomeEnergyMonitors that some people started building in September's session, there was also some troubleshooting needed, a video recording and a presentation about modeling generation, storage and demand respond. Energy monitors So Shahzad carried on building … Read more

October EcoHome Lab: Build your own Home EnergyMonitor and Battery Storage special!

October EcoHome Lab

On the 13th of October, 5:30pm,  at Madlab, 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HN. Join us at meetup This month we'll be finishing off soldering up the new, web connected energy monitors we built last time and experimenting with creating easy to use energy dashboards. If you were not there but want to build your own open source HomeEnergyMonitor … Read more

EcoHomeLab September 2016 – “Build your own Home Energy Monitor system”

Loaded with soldering irons, electronic components, tools and pure clean ready to go printed boards we got into our mission: build our own Home Energy Monitor systems. Again, time goes by and I don't take into my blogging role, but everybody in CarbonCoop is nice and I don't get told off, for now 😉 My … Read more

Next EcoHome Lab: Build you own Home Energy Monitor system

Our friends from OpenEnergyMonitor are releasing a new DIY energy monitor (through hole kit) and we are organizing a workshop for those that are still not monitoring their energy usage. Get your kit, come along and build it yourself. Trystan Lea who has been working hard to develop this low cost monitor will be there with us to … Read more