Talking Windows with Green Building Store

bay window insulation detail

Aneaka puts member questions about windows to Chris Herring, Director of Green Building Store. Topics covered include: (0:00:30) – Introduction to Green Building Store (0:03:30) – Cost/Benefit of triple glazing (0:11:20) – Triple glazing and acoustics (0:16:48) – Window sizing (0:20:00) – Window opening patterns and energy performance (0:23:48) – Incorporating stain glass (0:24:40) – … Read more

Green Building Store – triple glazed windows case study

A selection of Carbon Co-op householders are featured in a new case study authored by Green Building Store. The case study includes quotes with householders and architects as well as some excellent new photography. The case study includes information about the Community Green Deal programme as well as in depth information about the windows. The … Read more