Co-designing energy advice services with underrepresented communities

A new Carbon Co-op report shares findings from a research project undertaken in Oldham. The work seeks to better understand culturally specific issues relevant to Westwood’s predominately Bangladeshi community, and what an effective energy advice service could look like. This community, like many others in the UK, are often considered ‘hard to reach’. There is … Read more

Podcast Power in the City Episode 5: From 9 to 5?

This episode is about the grind, the toil, the sweat, the slog, the graft, the duty – and things like skills and craft, commitment and creativity. Yes, it’s about work! The green kind. It’s about working in the energy transition.

Podcast Power in the City Episode 4: Hitting home

This episode is all about staying warm. By putting a jumper on your home! Yes, it’s about energy efficiency in the home, about retrofit, its benefits for householders and the difficulties (and nifty ideas) that arise when trying to scale that up across different building types and tenures.