Community Smart Grid – an aggregator perspective

In response to Dom’s excellent analysis of the carbon saving potential of community smart grids, I wanted to add something on the business case side that the project seeks to explore. Many of our members have investing in technology (such as deep retrofit, renewable generation or Electric Vehicles) despite cost implications rather than because of … Read more

Retrofit stories

In 2015, we commissioned a series of profiles, short videos that looked at the different ways Carbon Co-op members have chosen to improve their homes. From a full scale, whole house retrofit to an iterative approach over many years. From completely DIY to a fully managed and Carbon Co-op procured model. Each video looks at … Read more

Community Smart Grid – a prosumer perspective

Carbon Co-op will pilot a community smart grid in Manchester with between 100 and 200 householders, assisting them to work together to save energy, reduce bills and reduce carbon emissions through various measures centred around demand shifting.

Here, prosumer (a householder who both consumes energy and produces energy via generation eg from solar PVs) and Carbon Co-op member Dominic McCann looks at what this might look like from an individual householder point of view and explores the main parameters that will be necessary to measures the performance of the project.

Powering Up North – Community Energy conference

Carbon Co-op took part in the very successful, Powering Up North conference in February 2015. Jonathan Atkinson spoke from the platform in a key note address on the challenges and opportunities of community-led deployment of whole house retrofit. Afterwards, Jonathan and Matt Fawcett provided an introduction to community smart grids and the use of open … Read more