Wired for the future? Electricity North West Stakeholder session

In June 2016, Jonathan Atkinson of Carbon Co-op attended the Electricity North West Stakeholder session in Preston, along with a range of other local government, industry and community energy stakeholders. Here he reports on some of the challenges and opportunities those active in the energy system face. Dunno about the DNO?For a Distribution Network Operator … Read more

What might Green Shift look like?

As part of Carbon Coop’s Green Shift project members and other participants will be encouraged to reduce their electricity use at certain times of day in order to help reduce their carbon footprints. In the electricity industry this kind of scheme is called ‘demand side response’ and is believed to be crucial to helping to … Read more

A smart grid aggregation dashboard prototype

Through the Nobel Grid project, Carbon Co-op are developing and testing ideas around householders using smart meters to enable collective action. But what does this mean in reality and what are the potential benefits? Click here to view 1hr record webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg6S8R6HrXk A group of Carbon Co-op householders and collaborators have been using OpenEnergyMonitor technology … Read more

Community Smart Grid – a prosumer perspective

Carbon Co-op will pilot a community smart grid in Manchester with between 100 and 200 householders, assisting them to work together to save energy, reduce bills and reduce carbon emissions through various measures centred around demand shifting.

Here, prosumer (a householder who both consumes energy and produces energy via generation eg from solar PVs) and Carbon Co-op member Dominic McCann looks at what this might look like from an individual householder point of view and explores the main parameters that will be necessary to measures the performance of the project.