EcoHomeLab November 2016 – More monitoring, emonCMS dashboards and MyHomeEnergyPlanner

It felt a bit quieter this time but still interesting with some hands on work and presentations about emonCMS dashboards, how energuy monitoring changed my :p and MyHomeEnergyPlanner, the tool for house assessments we are developing in CarbonCoop. The electronics of the day Duncan and Shahzad had finished building their monitors in previous sessions. But … Read more

EcoHomeLab October 2016 – “More EnergyMonitor building and Modelling a MicroGrid”

Another busy busy busy EcoHomeLab. Many things happened this time: not only we had to carry on working on the HomeEnergyMonitors that some people started building in September's session, there was also some troubleshooting needed, a video recording and a presentation about modeling generation, storage and demand respond. Energy monitors So Shahzad carried on building … Read more

EcoHomeLab September 2016 – “Build your own Home Energy Monitor system”

Loaded with soldering irons, electronic components, tools and pure clean ready to go printed boards we got into our mission: build our own Home Energy Monitor systems. Again, time goes by and I don't take into my blogging role, but everybody in CarbonCoop is nice and I don't get told off, for now 😉 My … Read more